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Abeco’s High Quality Steel Water Tanks Support Nigeria

Abeco’s High Quality Steel Water Tanks Support Nigeria

Abeco’s High Quality Steel Water Tanks Support Nigeria


Today water is the most important currency in Africa. The extreme climate conditions and lack of infrastructure in Nigeria have impacted the supply of safe drinking water to the population.

It is imperative to have a water supply for the four pillars contributing to the Nigerian economy. Agriculture, business, industry, and mining all need a consistent water supply.

In 1978 the late Mannie Ramos Senior was Sales Manager for SAIG (South African Iron and Galvanising). At the time he travelled through Africa selling water tanks and soon came to realise that in the future there would be a huge problem with water scarcity.

He saw the necessity of planning for the future and the need for a water storage solution. Abeco Tanks was launched in 1983 and nearly 40 years later the company has earned its stellar reputation for the design, creation, and development of its innovative steel water tanks.

Abeco, like a bank, manages the risk of water scarcity by delivering long-lasting secure ‘’water banks’’. The company acts as ‘income protectors’’ as they make sure that businesses keep running during difficult times when the water supply is interrupted.

To ensure a stable supply of clean water they partner with local government municipalities, fire control companies, corporates, farms, engineering and mining sectors, and commercial and industrial property development companies.

The company builds quality into every part of the manufacturing process and has received certifications from esteemed institutions.

Abeco are the only South African manufacturer with a SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) for SANS 10329. It is a governing body accredited by SANAS (South African National Accredited Systems) that certifies manufacturers in accordance with the relevant ISO and SANS (South African National Standard) requirements.

Abeco’s tanks are modular in design. They are made up of separate steel plates that are bolted together on-site using bolts, nuts, washers, sealants, internal bracing, and other standard fittings.

All of the steel parts are hot-dip galvanised to protect against corrosion and to keep the water stored in the tanks clean and hygienic. The SANS (South African National Standard) recommends a specific thickness of zinc coating to ensure the safety of the tanks and Abeco is careful to use the exact recommended thickness.

According to Mannie Ramos Jnr. (Chief Operating Officer), it is the thickness of the zinc coating that protects the tank and not the thickness of the steel itself.

The better the protection of the tank against corrosion the longer the lifespan a water tank will have.

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certification indicates that Abeco manufactures products that meet their quality standards.

Their standard is based on quality management principles including how they approach the manufacturing process and being focused on looking at ways to continually improve.

Abeco Tanks has a reputation for being with its customers for the long haul. They manufacture and supply steel water tanks that last for many years and are always there for their clients for after-care maintenance.

  • Their ISF (International Steel Fabricators) certification gives them the reputation for supplying cost-effective quality structural steel products globally.

Abeco is also a member of the ISF (International Steel Fabricators). The members of this institution have a reputation for being able to supply their clients with quality structural steel products, that are internationally price-competitive.

The Abeco tanks can hold up to 50 million litres of water at a time. The pressure of this water on the steel plates requires that the material has extreme strength so that it does not buckle. Abeco Tanks has perfected the manufacturing process of cold-pressing steel using high yield stress. This process results in a 20% increase in the strength of the steel. The Abeco process draws quality steel used for their tanks.

The plates are precision punched with bolt holes to ensure absolute accuracy of the tank dimensions when built. Due to the company’s patented technology of precision-punching, any size tank can be built using Abeco’s standard panel size of 1220mm x 1220mm. The tanks are jig assembled ensuring dimensional accuracy and strength.

Abeco Tanks is also a proud member of the Southern African Institute of steel construction (SAISC).

The Institute is committed to the long-term prosperity and growth of the industry and the quality and skills of its members, to innovation and the ability for its member to compete internationally.

Abeco Tanks supplies water tanks to Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Central America, Middle East, and over the entire African continent.

The last two certifications that Abeco has been awarded are:

The Automated Sprinkler Investigation Bureau Certification. This certification states that the Abeco tanks used for the storage of fire water comply with the ASIB standards for installing these fire tanks that supply water to the sprinkler systems.

Certification by the Water Institute of Southern Africa who is dedicated to the improvement of water resource management in Southern Africa.

Abeco Tanks is a well-respected South African company that has a strong history for installing and maintaining steel water tanks of extreme quality internationally and locally.

The Nigerian economy has benefitted from these water tanks supplying water to businesses and communities during times of crisis.


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