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What We Do

ABECO design, manufacture (to national standards) and install quality ground level, elevated, customized and circular bolted tanks. ABECO has become a leading innovator in the development of water storage solutions. Since being established in 1983 the brand has been successfully built up over the years and is now well known throughout Africa with more ABECO water tanks erected in southern Africa than any other tank. We offer exceptional expertise and technical knowledge to professionals in the water industry.

Rectangular tanks

Our tank sizes range from 1800 litres to as much as 10 million litres in terms of capacity.

Circular tanks

Easy to install and suitable for most remote and inaccessible places where resources are limited.

Elevated tanks

Basic towers consisting of the support steelwork with a caged access ladder to the roof of the tank will be offered in the absence of further specification.

Special tanks

Many requirements for special tanks can be accommodated, whether the client has a space restriction or obstructions.


The design & construction of the tank supports & foundations are critical & should only be undertaken & supervised by competent professionals.

Technical Information

Accurate and highly technical specifications on all tanks are available from ABECO Tanks.

water tanks

Abeco Tanks: Manufacturing Quality Steel Water Tanks Since 1983

With our warranty protected steel water tanks for sale in South Africa, you can buy affordable new steel water storage tanks from Abeco Tanks. Our tanks are designed to hygienically contain water for all uses, from industrial use to home use. We aim to satisfy the individual needs of our clients, something we are able to do when providing a wide range of steel tanks for water storage.

What we do best is the supplying of rectangular, singular and galvanized sectional water tanks to Africa.


Our clients always come first. With this in mind, we are always on the lookout for new technology that can be used to improve our tanks while ensuring that our steel tank prices remain low. This guarantees a cost-effective manufacturing process with the end result being affordable water storage tanks.


Storing water is advantageous for a number of reasons. South Africa is not the only country suffering from the effects of water shortages, and South Africa is not the only nation to whom we provide our steel tanks for storage. Currently, Abeco is not only the manufacturer of high-quality water storage tanks, but we are also supplying our products to various nations throughout the Middle East, South America and Africa. With our low prices, all types of consumers can buy galvanised water tanks and enjoy the benefits of storing water.


Why Use Our Water Storage Tanks?


Our solutions are designed specifically for those looking to store and therefore save water. But why should you want to do that? It is a matter of always being prepared. When the dry seasons are upon us, which they so often are in South Africa, having a galvanised water tank will be the best solution for saving. Steel tanks in South Africa can be used to store rainwater for later use, while they are equally a great option for greywater solutions.


But it is not only fixed water storage solutions that you can buy from Abeco. We also offer portable water storage tanks capable of holding hygienic, potable water. This will allow you to easily and effectively transport clean water to areas suffering the effects of extreme drought.


Potable Water Tanks or Galvanised Water Tanks?


As mentioned, our clients have a range of water storage tanks to choose from. The two main types of water tanks that we stock are the steel, galvanised tanks, and the potable water tanks. Only the latest technology is used during the manufacturing process, and these tanks can be exported to various destinations across the globe. The water storage tank prices and costs can differ from size to size, while the material used to make the tank and the purpose of the tank can also affect the final price.


Generally, galvanised water tanks for sale are the more popular choice, when the tank is not going to be moved. This fixed tank is great when used on industrial sites or even on private properties. They are hygienic, so long as they are kept clean and they are ideal for rainwater storage and grey water storage. These tanks also won’t rust, so upkeep is minimal. They remain a great investment for many reasons. Some of the advantages of using galvanised water tanks include:


  • These tanks have a very long lifespan, especially when you purchase a galvanised steel tank from Abeco as we only use the highest quality materials during our manufacturing process.
  • Steel tanks have extra strength and durability which makes them highly resistant to the mushrooming effect that portable tanks could experience over time.
  • Galvanised tank prices are generally very cost effective which again makes them the ideal option to go with.
  • These tanks just look good. And they stay in a great condition for a very long time. While aesthetics are not the be all and end all advantage of buying one of the galvanised tanks we have for sale, it is a factor to consider if your tank is going to be seen by the public.
  • Finally, despite their size and despite the material used to manufacture them, these tanks can be easily transported to where you need them.


The potable water tanks we have for sale are equally great options to go with. When needing to transport water, whether for human or animal consumption or for any other reason, the portable tank is the better option. Potable water tanks are designed and manufactured to be lighter than the steel water tanks. They can also be a much smaller size than the usual steel tanks. Made from a tough plastic, some of the advantages of potable water tanks include:


  • Low maintenance with no chance of the tank rusting during the many years of use.
  • A lightweight which makes it easy to transport and easy to empty. Keep in mind that these tanks can be emptied by hand.
  • Availability in a variety of sizes, giving you more options.
  • Potable tanks are easier to repair should they be damaged.
  • The tanks are available in a variety of different colours which means they will blend into just about any environment.


Our Range Of Water Tanks for Sale


With our wide variety, you will not only find the ideal tank for your unique water storage needs, but you will also find tanks in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. We have round water tanks as well as square tanks. And at Abeco, we also have the option of elevated water tanks which are great for saving space while they improve the distribution of water from the tank to where it is needed.


Abeco has dedicated years to the manufacturing of quality water tanks. And as both the manufacturers and the designers of these tanks, we can keep costs low. Should you be looking for a pressed panel tank or a bolted tank design, we can also assist you.


Get in touch with our team to find out more about our solutions or to get advice on which storage tank will best suit your needs.