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Rectangular Water Tanks

Our rectangular water storage tank designs allow us greater versatility to customize and design cost effective water tank sizes according to our clients unique requirements and site specifications.

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Advantages of Rectangular Water Tank Storage systems:

  • Rectangular Water Tanks can easily be Transported due to their modular design
  • Rectangular Water Tanks can be installed using basic equipment
  • Rectangular Water Tanks can store hygienic water
  • Rectangular Water Tanks are unaffected by Ultra Violet Rays
  • Rectangular Water Tanks are unaffected by Light Penetration
  • Rectangular Water Tanks are easily transportable to remote locations
  • Rectangular Water Tanks can be installed in restricted areas

Standard rectangular water tank storage:

  • Internal bracing consisting of angle iron welded to base plates.
  • Base plates bolted to tank panels
  • Jig assembled to ensure dimensional accuracy
  • Roofs are fixed to cold rolled lipped channel purlins supported by tubular posts.
  • All nuts & bolts are of high tensile grade
  • All sealants and rubber components are non-toxic & non-tainting.
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanised.

View our rectangular water tank storage technical information here.


Rectangular Water Tank Size Ranges: (from)

  • 1800 litres to
  • 10 million litres

Panel Size

Our galvanized panels are cold pressed using yield stress drawing quality steel. Each panel is individually pressed and punched to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Panel Size: 1220 x 1220mm


Rectangular Water Tank Thickness: (3 standard)

  • 3mm
  • 4.5mm
  • 6mm

ABECO tanks will recommend the correct panel thickness to ensure maximum water pressure is maintained, optimising cost benefits for our clients.

Roof Sheets

Individual Roof Sheets (span): Depending on the width of the tank:

  • 1 tank panel
  • 2 tank panels
  • 3 tank panels

Edges of the roof sheets are bent to provide an overlap designed for optimum sealing.


No welding required

Rectangular Tank Roof / Tank cover

Internal Members

Rectangular Tank Fasteners

Rectangular Tank Sealants

Tank Corrosion Protection

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