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Advantages of Steel Water Storage Tanks for Botswana’s Water Infrastructure

Advantages of Steel Water Storage Tanks for Botswana’s Water Infrastructure

Durable and Sustainable: Advantages of Steel Water Storage Tanks for Botswana’s Water Infrastructure


Durable and Sustainable: Advantages of Steel Water Storage Tanks for Botswana's Water Infrastructure


A continent’s most valuable commodity is water. Agriculture, commerce, industry, and mining all rely on water. Every African community and economy is in jeopardy unless there is a reliable, affordable, and easily accessible water source. Drought and a lack of readily available, clean water have caused water shortages in several African nations.

Water scarcity is a constant problem in Botswana’s arid environments. A steady and dependable water supply is essential for the survival of communities as well as companies and other commercial enterprises.

Finding efficient methods of storing and managing water supplies is crucial, as the country experiences droughts due to its limited and unpredictable rainfall patterns. The water demand has increased, putting greater pressure on the water infrastructure that already exists.

One of the methods to begin storing and conserving water in Botswana is to purchase a steel water storage tank. When it comes to finding creative ways to store water, one company that has been leading the way is ABECO Tanks. We look at the many advantages of water storage tanks in Botswana.


Advantages of Steel Water Storage Tanks



Compared to other, less expensive tanks, steel water storage tanks last longer and need less installation, repair, and maintenance. The total cost of ownership is lowered as a result of this.



It is possible to produce steel water tanks of arbitrary dimensions. The size of the tank is actually determined by the available space on-site when it comes to steel-reinforced water tanks.



In contrast to plastic and concrete, steel has exceptional durability. Steel water storage tanks in Botswana are built to last longer and withstand greater wear and tear thanks to proprietary steel alloys. Steel panels and inner linings make it up. Businesses dealing with water or other corrosive materials may appreciate this material’s resistance to oxidation by water and biocides.

Cavitation, crevice corrosion, and wear and tear in both polluted and clean water are no match for the durability and longevity of steel tanks. No matter how hot or cold it gets, this material will keep its ductility. It can withstand high temperatures and is unaffected by radiation. There is also zero danger of things like freezing, rusting, or breaking.



The main issue with injection-molded water tanks is that if they are broken or fragile over time, it’s usually necessary to replace the whole unit. Since steel water tanks are built in sections, it’s easy to take them apart and fix or replace them if something goes wrong.



Steel is an eco-friendly metal alloy that is safe to use. There have been significant improvements in the manufacture of steel in recent years. Natural energy and resource utilisation are the primary focus of these innovations. New steel water tanks are often biodegradable and recyclable since they contain 60–70% recycled material which lessens both the producer’s and the consumer’s impact on the environment.



A forklift can easily move steel tanks. This means you won’t have to worry about or spend money on getting a new tank.


Aesthetic Value

Water tanks made from concrete or plastic, don’t make for very attractive tanks. After being in use for a while, they seem dirty from mould. On the other hand, steel storage water tanks can be painted to blend in with any environment and have a sleek appearance.



Steel is an antimicrobial substance. Its inertness in water is partly due to its excellent passive film stability. Being a non-porous material, it does not leak. It provides safe water for human consumption.

The advantages of steel water storage tanks mentioned above have caused their popularity to soar. Once you are aware of these advantages, it is crucial that you get your tanks from a reliable supplier.

High-quality subterranean, ground-level, elevated, circular bolted, segmented water storage tanks are designed, manufactured, and installed by ABECO. In Africa, ABECO has emerged as the front-runner in the development of water tank storage solutions.

Depending on your demands, each of ABECO’s tanks is made to offer a hygienic space for storing either clean or grey water. The many advantages of conserving water are especially applicable to private residences, commercial buildings, industries, and warehouses in Botswana where there are known water shortages.

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