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Abeco Tanks reduces negative impact of water scarcity

Abeco Tanks reduces negative impact of water scarcity

Abeco Tanks reduces negative impact of water scarcity

Just like money, water makes the world go round. As water scarcity places businesses, communities and economies at risk, water tanks play a vital role in keeping businesses going, saving jobs, reducing costs and uplifting communities.

As a leading water storage tank manufacturer in Africa, Abeco Tanks provides, municipal, industrial and commercial water tanks to Malawi thereby ensuring much needed water continuity.

Abeco has a long history in the country and has been supplying steel water tanks to Malawians since the eighties.

The African manufacturer’s high-grade steel water tanks are used for a variety of entities from mining, power generation, agriculture, manufacturing and public buildings like hospitals, police stations, schools and shopping centres.

With blue chip clients such asAnglo American, Sasol, Chevron, FNB and many more, Abeco has almost 40 year’s expertise making high quality and customised steel tanks for a variety of applications throughout Africa and the Middle East.

The company has a reputation for high quality products, superior knowledge and excellent customer service.

While other companies face closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Abeco has remained a stable player in the market and will continue to reduce the negative impact of water scarcity for years to come.

Backed up by equity stakeholder and funding partner Investec Private Capital, Abeco provides peace of mind that they are a financially stable and sustainable organisation.


The benefit of water tanks

Businesses and industry rely on water. In fact, every business depends on water whether they are a multi-million endeavour or a small restaurant. An Abeco water tank means that businesses can continue to run efficiently even when the water runs dry.


Saving jobs

In 2017, farmers in Ceres, South Africa cut the production of tomatoes due to the drought. There were no tomatoes for the tomato purée factory to process and the factory was forced to closedown, and everyone lost their job. A water tank could have kept the tomatoes growing, the factory open and people in their jobs.


Saving money

If production drops due to a lack of water, revenues drop across the entire value chain. Water tanks can and should mitigate the financial losses.


Uplifting communities

Supplying water resources to communities means theycan survive times of drought. Farmers can continue to farm to thwart food shortages. Children and particularly girls benefit from a water tank in their community as they are able to spend less time fetching water and more time on schooling.


Applications for water tanks

The applications for Abeco’s steel tanks are also varied and are used for safely storing potable water, fire water, dry bulk, effluent, fuels and even corrosive liquids.

The applications below illustrates some of the usages where steel water storage tanks are being used to serve a critical purpose.



Abeco partners with municipalities, collaborating with stakeholder in-country to provide customised, sustainable water solutions for community water supply initiatives.

Abeco is committed to advancing the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable development goals, more particularly goal 6 which aims to significantly improve sanitation and water as a basic human right for all.



Many farmers are also turning to water storage tanks to help offset dry weather conditions to protect their crops and livelihoods.

There are a variety of applications for the usage of tanks in farming, from water storage, irrigation, or keeping livestock’s water free from contamination.

As these tanks are stored outside in the harsh Malawi climate, it is vital that they have high corrosion resistance and quality for safe water usage.


Fire protection

Because of fire protection regulations and increased insurance requirements, water tanks have become a vital necessity in public areas.

A water tank for fire protection must be ready with the appropriate fire hose connections or must be able to quickly supply a fire sprinkler system in case of an emergency.

Fire water tanks must also have the right capacity to ensure proper flow of water and the pressure required to provide adequate protection.

Abeco designs and manufactures reliable and safe tanks for fire protection with top certifications and ISO 9000 quality standards to ensure that regulations of fire protection are rigorously adhered to.


Rainwater harvesting

Using water tanks for rainwater harvesting can also reduce an organisation’s environmental impact, especially as climate change and water scarcity are challenges to achieving sustainable development on the continent.


Why choose Abeco?

Abeco has nearly a 40-year heritage and has become the leading producer of industrial-sized tanks in Southern Africa.

Abeco Water Tanks panels undergo stress tests with a section of the factory designated for the consistent evaluation of applicable material and thickness according to the SANS 10329:2012 standards.

Abeco maintains best working practices and follows international standards to manage riskto ensure safety, hygiene, quality and durability. Abeco has the following quality certifications:

Structural Stands Governed by SANS 10162-1 & 10162-2: 2005 Edition 2

Corrosion Protection Governed by SANS 121: 2011. ISO 1461: 1999 Ed.2

Overall Quality Management System Governed through ISO 9001: 2015

In respect of the different sectors Abeco supply they are:

A.S.I.B. approved

A Member of the Water Institute of South Africa

A Member of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction

A Member of the International Steel Fabricators of South Africa

The company designs and manufactures high quality products using the best grade steel used in all components of their tanks. This premium quality combined with cost-effectivenessis what makes Abeco stand out from its competitors.


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