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Affordable Steel Water Storage Tanks For Tunisia

Affordable Steel Water Storage Tanks For Tunisia

Buy high-quality, affordable steel water tanks in tunisia


Buying an affordable water storage tank is one of the best ways to start storing and saving water safely in tunisia.


Established in 1983, ABECO tanks aim to satisfy the ever increasing need for hygienic storage of life’s most essential resource – water. All tanks are designed to provide a clean environment in which to store either clean or grey water.   ABECO Tanks provide portable water tanks which are ideal for areas in Tunisia where there are known water shortages.

By constantly researching new technologies, we are always being innovative with the creation of our water tanks resulting in lower prices and higher quality for our steel tanks.  Private homes, large or small businesses,  factories and warehouses in particular, can enjoy the many benefits of saving water.  Our mission statement is to strive through innovation and modern technology.

ABECO Tanks are protected by warranty,  giving consumers extra peace of mind about their investment.

Many African countries face water shortages due to drought or a lack of clean,  available water. ABECO tanks are designed to hygienically contain water for all uses, from industrial to home use. In Tunisia, these tanks are keeping communities hydrated, while those who have access to water can help themselves by having a water storage tank on hand.


ABECO Tanks are used in various sectors which include mining, power generation and processing.  Portable water tanks lessen the risk of contracting water-related illnesses.  Water is the essence of life, nowhere else do we appreciate this statement more, than in Africa.  ABECO tanks are exported to countries throughout Africa as well and Globally.

Using our water storage tanks in tunisia

  • ABECO Tanks are  affordable and warranty protected.
  • ABECO Tanks are a hygienic way to store clean water for times of need.
  • Businesses can benefit from saving water.
  • Water can be a wasteful expense when not carefully monitored.
  • Saving water is beneficial for any business, community and the Environment.

tunisia benefits greatly from the use of our exceptional water storage tanks. We manufacture galvanized water tanks, which are hygienic and easy to keep clean.


Choosing portable water tanks or fixed galvanized water tanks

  • Companies and factories in Tunisia will generally choose the fixed galvanized water storage tanks.
  • Galvanized tanks are very popular and are hygienic for storing  clean drinking water.
  • Galvanized tanks are hygienic and appropriate for storing grey water.
  • One of the advantages is that these tanks have a life span of up to 30 years or more.
  • Other benefits include low costs, availability of custom sizes and extra durability and strength.


Why use our water storage tanks?



We not only provide rectangular tanks, but we also supply round water storage tanks. These are a great option if you are looking to minimize the amount of surface area needed for the tank to sit on and the round shape also means that fewer materials are needed during the manufacturing process.


With our tanks being modular and therefore assembled on site, we are able to transport large capacity tanks, depending on the clients need. This also makes it easier for delivery and offloading to sites in Tunisia.


We provide a number of set design sizes, but we are flexible when it comes to the unique needs of our clients. Water tanks in Tunisia can be made according to the size you need. This means that even the biggest tank can be manufactured. We assemble tanks on site, which allows flexibility.


When looking for water storage tanks in tunisia, there are many fantastic reasons why you should invest in one of our water tanks. Get in touch with our team today.



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