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Abeco Tanks provides a steady stream of water in Mozambique

Abeco Tanks provides a steady stream of water in Mozambique

Abeco Tanks provides a steady stream of water in Mozambique

Abeco Tanks provides a steady stream of water in Mozambique

It is essential for any country to manage their water supply for health, hygiene, food and economic growth. Mozambique, due to lack of development of their water infrastructure, is facing a severe water crisis and the impact on the country’s economy and people is devastating.

Agriculture contributes to over 25% of the GDP, 75% of the population do not have access to adequate sanitation and crops are unable to grow.

Mozambique has water sources scattered across the country but many of them cannot provide clean water due to lack of maintenance.

In addition, the country does not have the finance or manpower to build and maintain these water sources.

It is a vicious circle because due to the lack of development and maintenance there is less water for agriculture which is a big contributor to the country’s income. It contributes over 25% to the GDP of Mozambique.

Furthermore, the country is exposed to climate risks one of which is prolonged periods of drought.

COO of Abeco Tanks Mannie Ramos Jnr believes that we should all be taking a proactive stance towards saving water as a backup.

Saving water should be a constant unchanging mindset to save water even through the rainy season.

Abeco Tanks has been instrumental in supplying water storage tanks throughout Africa. According to Ramos Jnr these water tanks are ‘water banks’, resembling a savings account, saving water for a day of desperate need.

Agriculture, business, industry and mining are the pillars of the African continent’s developing countries.

Without a constant and steady water supply these industries cannot produce efficiently and are put at risk.

Abeco’s water tanks alleviate the risk by being a back-up water supply to business, industry and agriculture, as well as a solution to provide communities with easier access to water.

Water is a basic need for human survival. It is essential to maintain clean sterile living conditions at home, in business and in hospitals and clinics.

Without it the economy is heavily impacted as businesses cannot operate properly.

Abeco, a private company with funding partners like Global Capital empowerment fun, Investec Private Capital and equity stakeholders, has attained an excellent reputation over the years in Africa, the Middle East and Central America.

Abeco has installed water tanks throughout Mozambique including in Tete, Palma, Inhambane, Tambara, Fingoe, Motaze where it has clients such as City Lodge Maputo, AMA Resettlement village and Marracuene Brewery.

Abeco’s solutions are twofold:

1.    Backup Supply

Water tanks are used as a backup supply. Many organisations and farms in Africa purchase generators to manage the negative effect of power interruption.

In the same vein water tanks are installed to manage the risk of the interruption of water supply.

Businesses need to plan for these water shortages. A back up plan needs to be in place to ensure a hygienic work and home environment and to sustain life.

2.   Community storage

These water tanks can also be placed in the rural areas to supply water and eliminate the need for people to walk long distances.

Children are also taking time off school to walk the long distances and as education is imperative for the success of any economy this is not ideal.

Concrete reservoirs cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to build resulting in them being replaced with a quicker more cost-effective solution, steel water tanks.

Abeco Tanks has over 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality steel water tanks that provide clean stored water to be used for agriculture and for drinking.

Their tanks are manufactured in various sizes and can hold from 1800 litres to 10 million litres of water supplying the population with instant access to water.

The vision of Abeco Tanks is to ensure a constant supply of water preventing the devastating results of an interruption in the country’s water supply.


How Abeco is able to assist.

The company has led the way with their ‘water banks’ for up to 40 years.

Their water tanks are used for industrial and home use. Industrial use includes various sectors including mining, agriculture, hospitals, schools etc. In the rural areas the storage tanks supply water to the people in their immediate vicinity 24/7.

The tanks are modular in design and are built using “flat-packed” sections of pressed steel that are bolted together on-site. There is no need for any welding, in-fact they can be installed using basic equipment.

The allows for easy transport and installation in restricted and remote locations.

The fact that the steel sections are hot-dip galvanised means that they are protected from the external elements and corrosion, and can last up to 50 years.

The tanks are unaffected by ultraviolet rays and light penetration ensuring no bacterial or algae build up in the water keeping it clean and fresh.

All of the nuts and bolts are of high tensile grade and all sealants and rubber components are non-toxic and non-tainting.

Due to the modular design a variety of tanks can be manufactured and built on-site in different sizes and shapes according to the customer requirements.

Water tanks can be on the ground or elevated.

Abeco is a renowned leader in the water supply industry. They have the engineering capability to manufacture any tank required to fit into any space and are a trusted supplier of steel water tanks to Mozambique.


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