Circular Tanks

Circular water storage tanks detail:

ABECO tanks has paid particular attention to the design of its circular tanks to ensure that they are easy to install and suitable for most remote and inaccessible places where resources are limited. All components are also lightweight and easy to handle.

It is important to note that our circular tanks do not require concrete foundations and can be installed on a flat, level and stable site covered by a bed of sand. If a concrete base is required – a standard mesh reinforcing will suffice. Slender tanks may require fastening down due to wind forces

Circular tanks are low cost hygienic water storage units
Rugged and easily transported
Requires minimal site preparation
Durable and long lasting
Can be dismantled and re-erected at a new site
All sealants are non-tainting, nontoxic and suitable for drinking water

Circular Tanks Roof / Tank cover

The tank roofs are cambered for water and dust run off

Tank Corrosion Protection

All bolts and nuts used are hot dip galvanised at high tensile grade

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