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Abeco Tanks Supports Local all the Way

Abeco Tanks Supports Local all the Way


Abeco Tanks Supports Local all the Way


‘Buy local, support local’ has been a company ethos which is deeply ingrained in the Abeco Tanks business model and has contributed to the company’s success over the last three decades. Since inception Abeco Tanks took a decision to manufacture its steel water storage tanks using local steel, parts and companies.

Abeco’s manufacturing director, Duane Ramos says: “Everything Abeco does is focused around quality. We have a 35-year reputation of producing the highest quality products and we do not have to source materials internationally to do that.

“We believe strongly in supporting local businesses and the companies we do purchase from employ over 5000 people who in turn support thousands of families; we are proud to play a role in their lives and the economy of our country.”

Abeco is accredited by South African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS) and manufactures its products within the scope of South African Technical Auditing Service (SATAS). Also, as a member of the ISF, Abeco provides clients with quality structural steel products for projects anywhere in the world.

The 269,000 square foot Abeco Tank manufacturing plant, located in Johannesburg, is manned by 150 qualified boiler makers, welders, operators, supervisors and quality control staff, some of which have been with Abeco for 30 years. Manufacturing its steel tanks from a raw state, Abeco sources steel, fasteners, bolts, nuts, sealants and accessories – all the elements needed to create their water storage tanks – from local suppliers.

“To suit our local climate conditions, we have perfected the manufacturing process of cold-pressing steel; using high yield stress which draws quality steel,” explains Ramos. “From there the steel is cut to the correct size, drilled and punched to form the tank panels; the panels are then welded, cleaned and packaged for hot-dipped galvanizing – also provided by a local company.”

All steel components, including bolts, nuts and washers, are hot-dip galvanized which is the process of coating steel with zinc to protect against corrosion and ensure they last longer – up to 40 years or sometimes more, depending on the quality of the water stored in the tanks.

According to Ramos after galvanizing, the steel panels are then either stored for stock or packed ready for an order to be dispatched to the relevant client. Abeco’s tanks are used in a variety of sectors including mining, power generation, processing and manufacturing, as well as banking, municipalities, education and hospitals. Abeco supplies 35 countries reaching across the globe including Africa, Central America and the Middle East.


Flexibility to create any size or shape water tank

“Because we do everything locally and have innovative and patented precision-punching technology, we can construct virtually any size tank,” says Ramos. “From rectangular water tanks, circular, elevated, U shaped, L Shaped or odd shaped to African water tank systems, custom water tanks, bolted, powder coated and fire tanks; we make them all in our local manufacturing plant.”


Quality management and certifications

Besides the SANAS accreditation, Abeco also holds the ISO9001:2015 certification. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including strong customer service focus, motivation and implication of top management, process approach and continual improvement.

As a member of the Automated Sprinkler Investigation Bureau, Abeco’s tanks are manufactured and comply to all ASIB standards. As a member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa Abeco is dedicated to the improvement of water resource management in Southern Africa. Abeco Tanks is also also a proud member of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction.


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