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African countries ‘Bank’ water with Abeco Tanks

African countries ‘Bank’ water with Abeco Tanks

African countries ‘Bank’ water with Abeco Tanks


African Countries Bank Water 

Water is the most important commodity in Africa. It is needed for success in business, agriculture, mining and industry – the pillars of the continent’s developing economies. As Africa is often affected by interruption of water supply, it has become imperative to protect against a breakdown in water supply.

Much like one would save money in the bank, saving water in a “bank” (water storage tank) is necessary in Africa.

Water tanks have become an integral part of water supply, providing clean water to public and private entities in times of crisis, ensuring that they can continue to work effectively in the midst of a water interruption.

Abeco sees itself as the World’s first bank for water allowing companies and communities to put a continuity plan in place and to keep functioning when the water goes off.

Abeco was founded to solve the challenges caused by water shortages and has been instrumental in building high grade water storage solutions throughout Africa since the 1980s. These water storage solutions are water tanks constructed of good quality steel, preventing any UV rays from penetrating into the water, thereby hygienically storing the water for future use.

The company’s high grade steel tanks are installed for a variety of uses throughout Africa and the Middle East. They are able to store an assortment of substances including fire water and potable water for use in hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools, businesses, communities and more.

COVID-19 caused many companies to collapse world-wide, but Abeco due to its pioneering leadership, stability financially and business model, has stood the test of time and remained on course.


Selecting a company to build water tanks

Building a water tank is a long-term investment and as a result, the company selected to build it should be examined with careful thought and consideration.

We outline the most important elements to consider below:

1. Just like saving money, saving water is a long-term investment

A water tank should last for many years. It is important to know, from the outset, that it is a long-term investment, that no short cuts can be taken by the company that builds the tank and that the company will be around for the long haul.

The material the tank is built out of is extremely important. It needs to be built out of high-grade good quality material with an outer surface that is strong and smooth so that no bacteria and algae can grow inside and so that no corrosion or cracks can occur.

Abeco has been building water tanks throughout Africa for over 30 years. The company has an established reputation for being reliable, for building good quality long lasting water tanks capable of holding up to 50 million litres of water at a time and is known for its excellent customer service.

Their water tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for storing clean water used for drinking, agriculture and industrial water supply.

2.    Customer service, consultation and advice

There are a variety of reasons for installing a water tank. The water tank needs to be installed correctly and professionally so that it does maintain the water to ensure it is always safe for drinking.

It is vitally important to consult with a company who helps the purchaser select the right solution for their need. It is also important to not select a company on price only, but rather on reputation, advice and customer service as well.

3.    Installing the correct water tank to fit

It is important to select the correct water storage tank for the application. The space available and the required size will determine the shape of the tank.

The manufacturer and tank supplier must be able to assess your unique requirements and water usage, then be flexible enough to build a tank that fits into the space you have available.

Abeco is able to manufacture and install any size tank in a variety of different shapes. Shapes include round, rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped and other odd shapes to accommodate space restriction and any obstructions. Tanks can also be elevated or on the ground.

Abeco’s reputation has stood the test of time making them an ideal partner for water storage solutions in Africa. The company operates in over 35 countries across the globe including Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Abeco is a private, family owned business together with equity stakeholder and funding partners, Investec Private Capital and Global Capital empowerment fund.


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