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Abeco Tanks save and store water for the Nigerian people

Abeco Tanks save and store water for the Nigerian people

Abeco Tanks save and store water for the Nigerian people

The climate in Nigeria has been changing and the country is susceptible to extreme weather events like drought and flooding. These events along with the lack of water infrastructure in the country have caused the Nigerian people, businesses, industry, mining and farming to suffer from water scarcity.

The water supply needs to be managed for the country’s economic growth, food supply, health, and hygiene. Water has become the most important currency in Africa. Without it, the finance and economy of any country suffer.

When a crisis is on the horizon humans adapt and develop solutions and this is what Abeco Tanks has done.

Mannie Ramos Senior saw the problem of water scarcity in Africa’s future. He knew the problem would be severe and understood that planning and forethought were needed.

Out of this forethought and planning Abeco Tanks, the company was born. Abeco Tanks has been operating for over 35 years in the steel water tank business. They have been manufacturing high-quality steel tanks for a variety of uses throughout Africa, Central America, and the Middle East. Since the nineteen-eighties, they have been supplying water tanks to Nigeria.

The water tanks are circular, rectangular, elevated, or on the ground and can be custom-made to fit into any space. These tanks can be transported to any location as they are erected using separate steel plates, internal bracing, nuts, and bolts. The nuts and bolts are of high tensile grade and the sealants and rubber components are non-toxic and non-tainting. No welding is required and the equipment used is uncomplicated. Stress tests are done on all of the panels ensuring maximum water pressure at all times.

To prevent corrosion of the tanks, over time, all the steel components are hot-dip galvanized. This also prevents ultraviolet rays and light from penetrating the tank ensuring the supply of clean, hygienic water suitable for drinking.

Before these tanks arrived the women and children, in rural areas, would have to walk for hours and stand in queues to get water. These tanks can hold up to 50 million litres of water and can now be installed near each community. They can have multiple outlets installed cutting down on the amount of time spent in queues. This ensures that children are in school being educated and women can work and contribute to the economy.

The Abeco tanks are known as the first water bank in the world. Just like a savings account is used to save money these water tanks are used to save water. The COO Mannie Ramos Jnr stresses the importance of saving water so that in times of scarcity communities and businesses have a backup plan.


More about Abeco Tanks the company

The company is majority owned and run by the Ramos family. Mannie Snr. Ramos the founder of the business is today’s Executive Chairman. His sons Mannie Jnr. Ramos and Duane Ramos are Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director. The family did not only want to assist people to never have a water supply problem but they also decided to support local South African companies supplying parts for the tanks.

As a result, they have supplied jobs to many South Africans over the 35 plus years since they opened. It takes more than 120 staff members to manage the 25 000 square metre manufacturing facility in Johannesburg and some of these employees have been with them since inception.

Choosing the right water tank company

It is important to choose the company that manufactures and installs your water tank with careful consideration.

Let’s outline some important criteria:

  1. Buying a water tank is an investment for the long term.

It is therefore important to ensure that the supplier has experience at manufacturing and installing bulk water storage tanks, that their product stands the test of time and that they will be around for the long haul.

Abeco has been supplying water tanks to African countries, including Nigeria, for over 30 years. The brand is highly regarded throughout Africa.

Their water tanks are known to be extremely robust and to have a lifespan that is long with low maintenance. They cost less than concrete reservoirs that are known to cost a lot and have high maintenance costs and they do not corrode like the plastic water tanks are known to.

  1. Consultation and advice, is important

When installing a water tank, it is vitally important to make sure the correct specifications are met, for instance, the size of the tank installed should be more than the water needs of the community.

A water tank is also not selected based on cost alone. A plastic water tank may be cheaper than a steel one but over time it will be compromised, and the water stored in the tank will be unsafe for drinking.

Abeco Tanks will always supply the right tank for the needs of the client.

  1. The correct water tank for space

Sometimes the standard-shaped water tanks will not fit into the given space.

Abeco has developed unique engineering technology over the years and can manufacture any shape and size tank to fit into the space provided.

Their tanks range from rectangular to circular to U-shaped, L-shaped, and odd-shaped.

In conclusion, whatever size and shape the water tank Abeco Tanks manufactures and installs you can be assured of high-quality manufacturing that meets stringent safety standards and a final product that will stand the test of time.


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