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Abeco Tanks contribute to Malawi water relief efforts

Abeco Tanks contribute to Malawi water relief efforts

Abeco Tanks contribute to Malawi water relief efforts

Malawi like other African countries suffers from extreme weather conditions. Frequent drought and floods affect their water supply and the result is that agriculture, business, and communities suffer water scarcity.

Abeco Tanks came to their rescue in the ’80s with their innovative water storage tanks. The water tanks come in all shapes and sizes bearing the Abeco company logo. Circular, rectangular, ground level, elevated, and custom-made water tanks can be seen across Malawi and are a beacon of hope to all Malawians.

Each tank is made up of individual carbon-steel panels cut from steel that is cold-pressed using high yield stress tests drawing quality steel. Each panel is individually pressed and punched to maintain accurate dimensions and hot-dipped galvanised to ensure protection against corrosion.

All the steel components making up the tanks like the bolts, nuts, and washers are also hot-dipped galvanised and the sealants and rubber components are non-toxic and non-tainting.

This quality ensures the tanks are strong enough to last under the harshest of African climates and can store hygienically clean water suitable for drinking.

The tanks can hold from 1,800 litres up to 50 million litres of water. This sort of water storage will ensure an uninterrupted water supply at all times.

Abeco was started by Mannie Snr. Ramos in 1983 when he saw the problem of water scarcity in Africa on the horizon.

He knew the problem would be severe and would need forethought and planning. He wanted to provide a solution for businesses and communities to stay operational.

Abeco is a family business run by Mannie Snr. Ramos as Executive Chairman, Mannie Jnr. Ramos as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Duarte Ramos as Managing Director.

Their family vision to help people in times of crisis was further underpinned by helping South African people and businesses by deciding from the outset to only use local steel parts and local companies.

This decision has helped build the South African economy and has supplied jobs to many South Africans. The loyalty of their staff and customers over the years is also a testament to their value as a company.

More than 120 staff members man the 129, 000 square metre manufacturing facility with some staff having worked for them for 30 years.

The Abeco Water Tanks are being used to store water for mining, manufacturing, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, public buildings, apartment blocks, and the list goes on.

Their water storage tanks dot the horizon of 35 countries in the African continent, the Middle East, Central America, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

What sets this company apart from the competition?

  • The Abeco attitude towards water storage in Africa. Their tanks act as income protectors or water banks ensuring that businesses and communities can continue to operate when water becomes scarce. This is why Abeco is known to be the first water bank for the business of water.
  • They have installed more tanks in the Southern African continent than any other company
  • Their tanks are sectional bolted tanks.
  • They can install water tanks that hold up to 50 million litres of water.
  • Their carbon-steel material is more robust as it is tested over the last 38 years.
  • They are accredited by several institutions including SATAS approved, ISO 9001:2015 certified, A.S.I.B. approved, a member of the Water Institute of South Africa, A member of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction, and a member of the International Steel Fabricators of South Africa.
  • They offer cost-effective storage solutions and still ensure quality, hygiene, safety, and durability.

When investing in an Abeco water tank you can be ensured of a long-term relationship with the company not just because of the quality ensuring that it will last for up to 40 years but also because the company is there for the long haul offering constant excellent backup customer service.


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